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EnGedi Lingerie started off as an idea to solve a problem that my husband and I had in our marriage. The Lingerie Problem.


As a new wife, I loved buying lingerie and shopping for hours at my favorite outlet stores at the malls. The problem was that my husband was left out of this process, and because of that, didn't always love the items I'd picked out. I wanted to buy items he would like and for the shopping experience to be a joint effort, but he wasn’t too keen on going into lingerie stores with me to show me what he liked.


The large posters and billboards of perfectly airbrushed models showing off the sexy items weren’t something I was keen on him seeing either. You see, they made me feel self-conscious and I couldn’t help but compare myself to them every time. I wanted the outfits and lingerie I bought to look the same on me as they did on the perfect models. And taking my husband shopping with me so he could pick out his favorites meant that he had to see the outfits displayed on the models as well. With that in his mind, I felt I would never measure up. 


This dilemma led me to think online shopping would be a better option. However, most of the online lingerie stores still had all the sexy items displayed on models. So the problem of how my husband could shop for lingerie with me remained. And the problem of how I could shop for a spicy outfit without feeling self-conscious also remained. 


Since the beginning of our marriage when we first encountered these lingerie problems, my husband, being the problem solver that he is, started forming some ideas of a website or app that could enable couples like us to shop together without the model issue. Nine years later we started EnGedi, at a time when online shopping and shipping had finally caught up with our idea.


 Now couples can freely shop for lingerie together (or separately) without any anxiety. We are proud to offer a variety of super sexy, quality lingerie, to keep your love life spicy and interesting, while encouraging self-confidence and fidelity.

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Why EnGedi?

The word EnGedi means oasis. As promoters of happy and healthy marriages, we seek to keep our marriage as an EnGedi (oasis) from the rest of the world. Marriage is a uniquely special relationship that should be where you go to get away from the craziness of the rest of the world. A safe, restful, peaceful, energizing oasis!

We are located in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada and operate our online store from home. We partner with several US based lingerie companies for our lovely products and atempt to only stock the best quality items that are available from these brands we buy from. Because all the lingerie items come in packages with models pictured on them, and tags on the items with the same pictures, all the items have to be unboxed and have the tags removed. Items are then carefully packed and shipped to you from us with our EnGedi tag. 

New items are added to the store regularily as we seek to have a varity of styles and colours in a wide range of sizes so that you can find something just right for you. Subscribe to get updates on new stock coming in and for early access to promos and sales items!

Happy Shopping!

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